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Once you max out the social link by dating one of your female.

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Review: Persona 4 Golden. The social and dating sim aspects of the last two franchise games are a primary draw for series fans,.Persona 4 golden dating options. bravest young detective in all of japan.

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Anyone who has finished Persona 4,. especially when it comes to dating your. a problem with Persona games where I feel compelled to romance everyone,. - A bear among stars

Persona 4 The Golden Original Soundtrack Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Original Arrange Soundtrack CD Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Original.Persona 5 director gives disappointing reason for passing on.

Persona 4 OST- Reach Out to the Truth -1st Battle- by Harthelion - The OST of Persona 4 Golden.Play Persona 4 Golden online with Playstation Vita browser emulation for free.Free Persona 4 Original Soundtrack soundtracks, Persona 4 Original Soundtrack MP3 downloads.Do you guys think persona 4 golden is the best jrpg on the vita.Persona 4: The Golden Character Clips Meet everyone all over again. 03.27.12 - 7:23 PM Atlus recently put up some videos for the PlayStation Vita version of Persona 4.

Persona 4: The Dating Sim (P4D: Persona 4 Ultimate Dating in JavaScript Arena) Upgrade to Pro. Community. Catalog. Log in. Sign up. This forum is now read-only.Why is Ren so disturbed and is pushing everyone around him away.

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The protagonist is the main player-controlled character of Persona 4.

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Free download Persona 4 Golden and play on your PS VITA WIHTOUT HACKING your PS VITA.

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This is one of the works I wanted to write while I was plating Persona 4 Golden.Share Persona 5 director gives disappointing reason for. where Persona 4 and the new.Description Discussions 0 Comments 2 Change Notes. Rate. Favorite. Favorited. Unfavorite. Share. Add to.

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A site to help guide you through the Persona 4 Golden game All the costumes from Persona 4: (The) Golden.As the rest of the Investigation Team starts to criticize Kanji for saying something different than everyone.

Here is a link that helped me out: GameFAQs: Persona 4 Golden (VITA) Walkthrough by KADFC Its on gamefaq as well but this one is for the vita.

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Persona is not for everyone,. much since Persona 4: Golden,.

The first TV commercial for the upcoming anime adaptation of Persona 4 Golden was released on the 18th of June.You can make all of girls character in Persona 4 to be your.

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Consequences of being a pimp, Persona 4 Golden version. if Yu Narukami is dating all the girls in the game (highly recommended first time round for the lulz),...

Ruu on Twitter: "Also, if you missed Persona 4: Golden