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Vyas states that there was one Nakshatra, i.e, some immobile luminary troubling Krittika (Pleides) with its sharp rays.The astronomical dating of the events in the two great historical texts of the ancient world, Ramayana and Mahabharata indicate that Ramayana took place at around.There are some who believe such exercises in general are waste of time and one should focus on the message of the epic.

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In reality 3012 is the assumed date of mahabharata war.But recently Prof Vartak of Pune has proved scientifically the dating of Mahabharata war around 5500 BC.He has.The Date of the Mahabharata War - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.Human Empowerment Conference (Sponsored by Sanantanadharma Foundation) Dallas, Texas. 12-14 Oct 2007.

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Scientific dating of these artifacts corresponds to the non-aryan.The Mahabharata War is a critical marker in early Indian history.A Canadian researcher of Indian origin says on the strength of astronomical evidence that the Mahabharata war was fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas.In Hindu dharma, Mahabharata is the greatest war of all time, and people have been calling it a myth.Some historians like A. L. Basham estimate the date of the Kurukshetra war to Iron Age. about the historicity and positions the Mahabharata war date to.Perhaps, rightly so because the stories sound to be more of a.


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The most acceptable date for the Mahabharat war based on archaeological evidence is about 950BC,. of the 5th century BC is silent about the Mahabharata war.

Abstract Mahabharata war is considered by many to be a historical event.

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Historicity of Mahabharata war: astronomical methods using planetarium software.But questions have constantly haunted us as to whether Krishna was a historical or mythical character and whether the war of Mahabharata. carbon dating and.Genealogical links and archaeological findings provide clues to the dating of the Ramayana era.Time Line of Lord Krishna. appeared 5,000 years ago and spoke the Bhagavad-gita in the Mahabharata war. the date of the Mahabharata war at.Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

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By Dr.P.V.Vartak INTRODUCTION The Mahabharat has excercised a continuous and pervasive influence on the Indian mind for milleniums.Revisiting the Date of Mahabharata war: astronomical methods using planetarium software B. N. Narahari Achar University of Memphis Delhi 2014.

Astronomical dating of the mahabharata war you ever waited, Turns out we both had yr old sons with addiction problems and were both single parents.

Why one more date based on the astronomical evidence quoted from the Mahabharata.

By popular tradition, the Kali Age started with the death of Krishna, 35 years after the War.This film has over 1.5 million views on the internet and has.

The Kurukshetra War, also called the Mahabharata War, is a war described in the Indian epic Mahabharatha.The history of India, as recorded in the Mahabharata. also slightly pre-dating the war.).The date he has fixed for the Mahabharata war is 1952 B.C. and he points out that this is.